ACT Candidate Retreats After Disability Policy Slammed

Disabled people want to work, but the new disability policy released by the ACT Party suggests otherwise, leaving many in the community outraged.

The policy, released on Friday by ACT candidate Joshua Perry, seemed to insinuate that a low number of disabled New Zealanders actually look for work. Using numbers from the disability survey in 2013, ACT said that only 27% out of 47% unemployed disabled people had looked for work opportunities.

ACT’s policy overlooked the attitudinal barriers facing disabled people when it comes to employment. No detail was provided on how the party plans to work with Government and the wider Disability sector. In terms of accessible housing, ACT only committed to fully accessible public buildings and transport.

Just where this leaves disabled people looking for accessible homes? Absolutely nowhere.

Community Outraged After ACT Release Disability Policy

Feedback to the policy was negative on social media. One person called the policy “disrespectful”, leading ACT Party candidate Josh Perry to delete the posts from several Facebook groups. After people noticed that no policy document was attached to the announcement, Perry said that ACT hadn’t uploaded anything as yet.

The Real Michael Pulman reached out to Perry regarding this and was referred to the party’s PR spokesperson.

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