Power Footballer speaks out against Barry De Geest and Unarm’d Innovations

A New Zealand based Powerchair Football player has spoken out against Barry De Geest, slamming the Unarm’d Innovations owner for his approach to business and sport.

The player, who asked to be kept nameless, approached The Real Michael Pulman last week in response to an earlier story posted on the website about De Geest.

The player, who purchased De Geest’s purpose built power football wheelchair earlier this year, says that he gave the chair back to Unarm’d Innovations following concerns over the its safety.

The player says he was verbally abused by De Geest after deciding not to use the specialised wheelchair while over in Australia. This decision came after the player was witness to De Geest rolling the wheelchair on its side, and while De Geest himself claims that the incident was due to his own carelessness, others are not convinced.

Problems got worse when the player asked for his money back from De Geest and Unarm’d innovations.

De Geest had originally quoted the wheelchair at a price of $5000, but the next week the price rose to $7000, and the next week $9000, before increasing to between $11,000 and $12,000 when it came time for the final purchase.

“I don’t like the way he does business or the way he talks to people,” the player said.

It wasn’t until the player got his lawyer in involved that De Geest agreed to pay the money back, but even then, the process has been slow.

“At the end of the day I think he is a bit of a p***k really,” the player said.

The player claims that the selection of New Zealand’s Powerchair Football side was rigged and players, including De Geest, weren’t picked on the best skill available among the limited number of players participating in the sport in New Zealand.

“There is a lot of politics involved in the game and I feel quite disappointed in that. I think it was all rigged before we left for Australia,” the player said.

The Real Michael Pulman has approached Unarm’d Innovations for comment.

More to come.



  1. Hi Mike. We have had the opportunity to read a number of your blogs over the past year with interest, however your continuing attacks on Barry and Power Soccer in general are disappointing.
    Barry is real character in the disability sector. He has been extremely dedicated to power soccer and travels constantly throughout the country promoting the sport, helping teams to develop players and yes promote his chair which he is intitled to do.
    Our son has one of the Striker chairs and it has given him a new lease of life and has allowed him to play sport which he has always been interested in. We have effectively been brought into this discussion as our son was one of the players selected to represent NZ in October and it saddens us that his achievement is being discredited by your comments above. During the tournament the Auckland Chairman made a number of comments that our son had been noticed by the Australian selectors, and the Auckland coach told us at the completion of the tournament to not pack up his chair as he should be included in the NZ team. As a journalist have you contacted NZ power soccer and Australian power soccer where they can confirm that there was a selection process.
    Also you are obviously unaware that Barry and our son undertook additional training sessions every second week for three months prior to the tournament to enable them to be as competitive as they could be.
    I’m happy to chat with your source when we next see them to help sort this out offline and not in social media.


    1. Thanks for your comment. To answer your question, yes I have reached out to Pat Edmonds and NZ Power Soccer for comment on the Striker chair, Barry’s incident in Australia, and the selection process for the NZ team. I am yet to hear back… I have also reached out to Barry on multiple occasions for comment on this matter and I am yet to hear back.


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