ASB Premiership: Auckland City show class in 2-0 win over WaiBOP

Auckland City FC has shown all their class fresh off the FIFA Club World Cup after beating WaiBOP United easily in Hamilton today 2-0.

Opportunities were available for both WaiBOP United and Auckland City, but only one team ever looked like winning, with the second and crucial goal for the visitors coming from the boot of international Emiliano Tade.

Aimless passing along the ground and in the air saw WaiBOP struggle to put together attack, and despite having opportunities on goal, Auckland City’s keeper had a relatively relaxed afternoon.

With the 2-0 loss, WaiBOP United’s journey to the ASB Premiership top four just got a lot harder.

The full story:

WaiBOP’s goal was under attack early, two big chances went begging for Auckland City, but the visitors had the best of the opening minutes.

A magnificent leap into the air by Auckland City goalkeeper Danyon Drake kept WaiBOP scoreless

Micah Lea’Alafa was brought down in the penalty box by WaiBOP defender Finn Cochran gave the referee no choice but to award Auckland City a penalty 15th minute.
The penalty led to nothing thanks to a brilliant diving punch by Zac Speedy that kept Emiliano Tade’s shot out.

Moments later, a deflection off a WaiBOP defender from the corner saw Speedy outnumbered and diving to his left, but a quick inside pass allowed Daewook Kim to score.

Auckland City took a 1-0 lead.

Stephen Hoyle found the side netting of goal after some nifty footwork outside put WaiBOP in scoring position.

Auckland City went into halftime with the 1-0 lead.

A freakish dummy and brilliant footwork by Argentine import Emiliano Tade fooled the WaiBOP defense early in the second half to allow Auckland City to race ahead 2-0.

Marquez blew a chance on goal for WaiBOP and rightfully earned the shaking heads of the home supporters.

Micah Lea’Alafa nearly extended Auckland City’s lead as WaiBOP defenders couldn’t shut down the wide attacker, and but for a brilliant save by Speedy kept Lea’Alafa off the score sheet.

Speedy took a heavy knock saving the goal and required medical attention for a brief period.

Ryan De Vries tried to get in on Auckland City’s party and was left furious when Speedy kept his shot out from goal in a one on one situation, but the game was quickly becoming well in the bag.

Finn Cochran tried desperately to get WaiBOP back into the match but couldn’t challenge the goalkeeper from his header.

Stephen Hoyle was down and in a lot of pain on the sidelines as time ticked away, but WaiBOP were not going down without a fight and began enjoying a long period of attacking possession with no result.

Auckland City held on through five minutes of injury time to record a classy 2-0 win.

At a glance:

WaiBOP United 0

Auckland City FC 2 (Daewook Kim ’19, Emiliano Tade ’49)

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