PERSONAL: The best friend behind my amazing 2015

My dearest readers,

I want to tell you about someone very special in my life. Someone who, remarkably, still puts up with my nonsense each and every time I see her.

She is my best friend, and on a day that is usually all about me, I wanted to make it all about something far more important… her.

She was the story of 2015 for Michael Lewis Pulman…

She saved me from me, she convinced me to change my thinking, she is the first person I contact when I am upset, and I never knew she would change my life in the way that she has.

Silver lining – that is the theme going into 2016 – because I truly believe that if you can find a silver lining, you can do absolutely anything.

A silver lining is the ability to look at a situation differently and find the positive in it, even if you don’t want to at first.

My silver lining of 2015 is a multitude of feelings that live very close to my heart, and have been mocked by more than a handful of people along the way.

Finding this silver lining has been a journey through constant speculation from those around me, intense personal self-doubt, and a battle to find the positive in what still feels like a situation where I left a lot unsaid and a lot to ponder.

But through that, I guess I gained a deeper appreciation for what I thought I was missing out on. Like I say, it is very close to my heart, and without experiencing those thoughts and feelings, I wouldn’t be half the public speaker, but more importantly, half the man I am today.

Pain shouldn’t deter you, only you can truly know how you think and feel, all the rest is perspective.

What was my birthday wish for 2015?

I didn’t have one, I already got my wish… and your friendship is it.

Words cannot describe how much you mean to me, and no matter what happens from this day fourth, you will forever be the most inspiring part of my days.

So thank you. Thank you very much – keep on being the tough, non-forgiving, bitch that you are.


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