Microsoft Surface: A modern day laptop that can’t justify hefty price

Microsoft may have delivered a quality piece of hardware with the range of Surface tablets, but the high price with additional expenses just doesn’t fit the budget of the average consumer.

The Microsoft Surface is one of the most popular, but pricey, tablets on the market in 2015. In short, Microsoft has released a tablet that does everything a laptop can but compacts it down into a small easy carry device that can be used anywhere… literally anywhere.

Minus a disk drive, the Surface has a front and rear camera for apps like Skype, a built in microphone, and a USB port can be found on the tablet where an additional bank of storage can be used.


64GB of storage space comes with the Surface, and Microsoft 10 is built in.

The Surface also supports a headphone jack.

The battery life that the Surface packs impresses, more than adequate for office work like word processing or spreadsheets and sustainable enough for apps or games that use a lot of power. The Surface’s battery has been designed with gaming in mind, but like all other tablets on the market, the Surface is meant for creativity, social media, and day-to-day tasks, all of which the battery life supports.

8-hours can be achieved for the average user, the hardcore can expect a little less.

The Surface doesn’t come cheap however, the lowest price in NZ is $800 for the Surface 3, and this isn’t counting the keyboard cover case and Surface pen that are extras which really turn the Surface into the laptop like product it advertises itself as.

An additional $200 will get you the keyboard cover case, an expensive add on that truly turns the Surface into a modern day laptop with the tablet capabilities to boot.


The keyboard attaches to the bottom of the Surface via a magnetic clip.

Typing on the keyboard feels different to what you would get on a traditional laptop like the Macbook Pro of HP. It is more difficult to type quickly and the buttons feel like cheap plastic under your fingers, there is no support for the wrists to aid with comfort, and you often wonder how Microsoft can justify the keyboard (which is also a nice looking cover) in terms of its price.

The Surface Pen does what you would expect, but the lack of functionality with programmes like Microsoft Word make it a tough justify for purchase, because even built in software like One Note can be used without the pen which retails at NZ$80.

To hold the Surface up, a three level stand can be pulled out from the back casing, but it feels cheaply built, with too much force it could be easily snapped off.

Final Thoughts:

If you have the money, the Microsoft Surface should be the tablet/laptop you buy this holiday season. The Surface is Microsoft’s answer to Apple’s iPad, and in many ways it is a much better device with a similar price tag.

However, the Surface is being marketed as a “next generation” laptop of sorts, so why the additional $200 for a keyboard case? There are bundles where these additional items are bundled together, but it ramps the already high price up even more.

In terms of the performance of the Surface itself, you get the quality that you pay for, all running on Windows 10.

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  1. The Surface is a trendy, edgy and sleek device that is pushing itself onto the market in order to be stiff competition for apple. MS knows that the 2-in-1 market wasn’t taking itself seriously. (Non-apple) They took advantage of that and capitalizing, I’d give a couple years and these will be at Chromebook prices. Unlike Apple, MS can’t get a following enough to hold their high prices without losing profits.


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