NZ’s healthcare system doesn’t benefit the elderly

The healthcare system in New Zealand leaves a lot to be desired – especially for the elderly.

It isn’t an easy fix by any stretch of the imagination, and the amount of factors involved in delivering a quality health system in New Zealand makes it one of the harder challenges for the government.

But there is a decent amount of money being thrown at a health system that has left many New Zealanders feeling underwhelmed.

Speaking of the almighty dollar…

Look at the amount of money being spent on redesigning the flag in this country, and don’t forget that over half the country voted against it.

The healthcare system in 2015 is criteria based, not based on the individual needs of a person, and it seems to be forgotten that users of the older generation have worked hard all their lives, paid taxes, and given back to the community only to be told they don’t meet the criteria of a certain need for their ailing health.

This criteria doesn’t seem to be clear though; and it certainly doesn’t favor users with higher based care needs long term. The criteria is understandably measured out by the money available,

There seems to be a mindset amongst health funders that doesn’t focus on the prevention of illness or injury, but rather a flawed system that gives benefits to some but not others. Once a serious injury occurs, then the system is all over it, but with helping out the elderly a little more in regards to the little things day to day could help prevent a lot.

The Real Michael Pulman recently spoke to an elderly woman who said she didn’t feel safe or properly cared for during her time at Waikato Hospital.

At a lot of hospitals around New Zealand, there seems to be an approach of shipping out residents as soon as possible, and, in the case of Waikato Hospital, The Real Michael Pulman has been informed of several patients who left without being properly healed.

Hospitals cannot be blamed too much for this though, the share amount of numbers that go in and out everyday is staggering.

Just think about how you would feel to be told you don’t meet the criteria of something.

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