MDA “fairly smooth” under new leadership

Under the eye of new interim CEO Ronelle Baker, the Muscular Dystrophy Association of NZ recently met with KiwiRail to discuss access and mobility.

The meeting involving a couple of other disability organizations and KiwiRail took place last week with discussions set to be ongoing, and MDA’s National Council head Heather Browning called it a ‘great initiative’ on the organisations’ official Facebook page.

Insiders say that new CEO Ronelle Baker is a great asset to the MDA, and her transition into the role has been well received thus far.

MDA’s Northern Branch recently celebrated Duchenne Awareness Day in Auckland with a small gathering.

The Northern Branch has also been particularly active on social media in the last month.

As interim CEO following the resignation of Chris Higgins in August, Baker has been quietly shifting into her new role as talk of the organisations’ financial difficulties has died down somewhat.

The large deficit of over $300,000 remains to be explained.

Baker says it is an important milestone for the MDA to have a leader who is, like the members the organisation represents, also disabled.

“I have a huge learning curve ahead but I can feel lots of positive support building around me,” Baker said.

The Real Michael Pulman and Baker agreed to an interview about the state of the organisation once the new CEO had become familiar in her new role, and talks of this are set to begin again soon.

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