Virginia shootings show terrifying conscious choices

Two innocent people are dead, and once again guns are at the centre of yet another senseless tragedy.

Alison Parker. Credit: Media Salon

What happened in Virginia overnight wasn’t only tragic, it was terrifying and unnecessary, and thousands of people had a front row seat.

Alison Parker went to work and never came home, she was shot down on live television, leaving behind a promising career, and the last moments of her live were witnessed by thousands of strangers.

A lot will be made about gun laws in the United States once again.

Is it finally time for the gun laws to be changed?

It is the same argument that comes up whenever there is a shooting, ban guns and the problem will go away. Almost nobody can say that changing the laws will lesson the number of shootings, but almost no one can say that keeping the law as it is will help in anyway either.

Many people on social media today have said the following:

“Guns don’t kill people, people do”.

Wrong. People who have problems in their life with guns are killing other people.

Guns are falling into the hands of people who are using them to kill innocent strangers, and it is almost as though all this is happening to prove some sort of a point. Lets not blame law here, lets get real and face facts, the choices of the select few are ruining society for everyone else, an in the case of Virginia today, in more ways than one.

Not only did the gunman kill two innocent people, not only did it happen on live television, but this person filmed himself doing it all and shared it to social media without hesitation or apology.

The gunman wanted the world to be put on notice.

Then the gunman decided to turn his own life in – a choice that is the typical ending to stories involving guns being in the wrong hands time and time again.

Guess what, the gunman who almost everyone wont have an ounce of respect for now, in his death, will simply go down as another statistic in the book.

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