Ashley Madison hackers not acting on morality

The Ashley Madison scandal is an interesting one – because it throws up many different takes on a common trend in society – but to say the hackers are doing the right thing morally is a laugh.

Ashley Madison. Credit: CNBC

When the site was hacked, almost every user of Ashley Madison drew a gasp, but at that point no one knew what was going to be done with the information.

Now the full scale of the hack has been revealed, and those behind it have certainly got the attention of their victims.

People have been blackmailed, lied to, and forced to either come clean to their significant others or have their personal details shared with the world. In some cases celebrities are being targeted by hackers and have been forced into paying for their silence.

The number of users who have signed up to Ashley Madison is staggering.

In short, the website provides a service that allows people to have an affair. Since the hacking, details of the secret encounters have been revealed, and some websites have reported of married men and women coming out and admitting their infidelity, on social media in some cases.

The Ashley Madison scandal is an almighty moral issue and different people will have different takes on it.

Is it fair that people’s private lives are being shared with the world? Perhaps not.

The hackers are dealing with innocent normal everyday people, and all the hacking of Ashley Madison has achieved is unmask how widespread modern day infidelity is.

No matter what happens, the outcome from Ashley Madison’s hacking has been disastrous and the people behind it have nothing to gain.

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