Tegan Morris uplifted by experience at VidCon

Tegan Morris is back in Hamilton after her second successful trip to the United States, though this time, she is even more determined than before.


In the last year Morris has become heavily invested in creating content for popular video sharing website YouTube. Like always, Morris has used the platform to further spread her message of disability awareness and social inclusion for the disabled. Her recent series ‘What is disability?’ showcases other disabled people around New Zealand, giving them the opportunity to share their views on life with a disability.

Morris’s main purpose for returning to America was VidCon, a multi-genre videoconference popular for launching the careers of famous YouTubers. Morris attended all three days of the event, and left even more determined than before with much belief about the future of her YouTube channel.

“Creators and fans get to mix and mingle, as well as network, so it is kind of a conference that creates a happy vibe,” Morris said.

Morris says she now has a far greater understanding and belief for her YouTube channel thanks to her experience at VidCon.

“Realising how important YouTube can be, to the creators and the viewers, and how important it is to see people expressing themselves. It gives an opportunity to share the good and the bad of these peoples lives, and that is very powerful”.

Morris also says that YouTube is a good avenue for disabled people to find communities of like-minded people.

Good experiences that are new can be hugely beneficial for creative people, and the lessons Morris has learned at VidCon will serve her well moving forward.

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