Heather Browning ‘unlikely’ to respond to invitation

Heather Browning is yet to respond to an invitation to share National Council’s official stance on the state of the MDA.

This past Wednesday, The Real Michael Pulman contacted Heather Browning and requested an interview, but the newly elected chairperson of National Council and employer of the MDA’s Chief Executive is yet to respond.

Chris Higgins is also aware of the request.

National Council hasn’t commented on claims made by members of bullying by two of its members towards Canterbury chairperson Paul Arthur. Canterbury branch members and National Council representatives Derek Woodward and Warren Hall are believed to have pressured Arthur into silence over matters involving the association.

National Council hasn’t responded to Chris Higgins’ statement to The Real Michael Pulman that his no-show at the AGM in April was a decision made by the council.

Browning’s election as chairperson of National Council has been controversial. Voting numbers have not been released by the MDA, and Chris Higgins couldn’t clarify if they would be made public.

Browning didn’t answer any of the questions posed to her by members at the AGM after her election, and has said she felt “threatened”.

The Real Michael Pulman understands that Browning is currently involved in discussions with National Office staff where a mediator has been brought in to resolve issues with Chris Higgins and National Council.

MDA’s Grants Supervisor is also reported to have left the organisation recently.

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