Unquestionable failures in NZ prisons

Fallout from the Mt Eden prison fighting scandal continues, and it doesn’t increase the respectability or trust for all parties a single bit.

(Photo credit: Fightstate via Google Images)

Footage of inmates fighting, in apparent fight clubs, surfaced on the Internet last week.

Videos also show inmates smoking drugs, and all the footage was captured using cell phones that had been smuggled into Mt Eden Prison.

How this is able to happen in New Zealand prisons happens has baffled everyone, and no one seems to have answers over how it went unnoticed for so long.

Clearly, inmates are not being rehabilitated as well as they should be, either that, or they are completely ignoring it.

New Zealand’s head of corrections have admitted that they knew of the fight clubs taking place in Mt Eden, but say they never had the evidence to back it up.

As a consequence, nothing was done until the lid blew off when footage emerged on social media.

It is a disgrace in every sense of the word that even a suggestion that fight clubs were taking place in a correctional facility was ignored. Also disgraceful is that inmates have had access to cannabis, and access to cell phones. To film such activity and post it on social media shows that no such “rehabilitation” is taking place with these inmates, and it makes a mockery of a New Zealand correctional system which has always been barely satisfactory at best.

Face it New Zealand, this is nothing new. The inmates in prison have probably been doing such things for a long time now.

Prisons are under staffed, under watched, and left with far too much freedom than what the NZ pubic have been led to believe. Footage from Mt Eden suggests that security inside prison walls is far from effective, and it also begs the question of if the so called “rehabilitated” inmates can be trusted when they are led back into the public after serving time.

What is happening in the New Zealand justice system is just not good enough, and claims that Serco should be scrapped are entirely justified.

This footage of inmates fighting and drug taking doesn’t only reflect poorly on every party involved, including the inmates, it makes many question just how effective a sentence in prison is for criminals in New Zealand.

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