Change The Channel: A disability story with attitude

Andrew Fleming’s biography Change The Channel documents just how challenging but equally rewarding that living life in a wheelchair can present.

In his powerful and revealing biography, it doesn’t take long until Andrew Fleming gets into the nuts and bolts of how his accident occurred.

Five seconds changed everything for Andrew Fleming.

Fleming went from being a normally functioning able-bodied man with his life ahead of him to being jammed under a motorbike, an incident that would take away his ability to walk forever.

Fleming writes about how he wishes that he had have planned for a possibility where his financial future may have been uncertain earlier, but also does a brilliant job with his words, writing that almost anyone couldn’t predict that their life would be changed in such a way, and couldn’t have planned for it.

Fleming touches on some of the heartbreaks that his accident presented him, starting with the inability to do what most people don’t even need to think about needing help with, to the reactions of those closest to him, including losing his partner who one day suddenly ended their relationship, with a myriad of other instances along the way.

Fleming does such a great job of looking at the bigger picture throughout his story, and it is clear he was always thinking forwards during the adjustment period to living life in a wheelchair.

Positivity, and a slight problem accepting his inspiration to others is what stands out about Andrew Fleming in Change The Channel. At no point in the book does Fleming come close to writing that disability is a bad thing, in fact the direct opposite.

Fleming focuses on the impact that a sudden switch to life in a wheelchair has had on his experiences, and those nearby.

Change The Channel is a well written, hard hitting, and challenging biography that will serve a good lesson to anyone, regardless of disability or gender.



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