MDA staff talk to the Ministry about issues

According to numerous sources, some of MDA’s National Office staff have taken their issues with Chris Higgins and National Council to the Ministry.

Two MDA staff members are unhappy with decisions made by MDA head Chris Higgins in the fallout of the AGM and prior, plus are reportedly frustrated with the lack of membership-focused approach by National Council.

As a result, both staff members have consulted with the Ministry of Business, Innovation, and Employment over the matter.

Mediation sessions are set to take place sometime within the next few weeks.

Another source has contacted The Real Michael Pulman and said that the MDA will not be not be able to financially sustain itself if the current revenue loss and over-expenditure system remains in place.

According to the source, the financial future for the organisation is under high risk, much higher than the MDA have admitted to.

Questions have already been asked about Chris Higgins and his tenure as CEO of the MDA, but some serious questions also need to be asked of Heather Browning, the new chairperson and long time member of the National Council who has been tasked with the job of driving the organisation into the future.

Browning says that the membership has her full commitment to meet the many challenges the organisation faces moving forward.

This, to many, is untrue.

In the recently released issue of the In Touch magazine, Browning made two false statements, including claims that the organisation has gained enormous respect.

Browning says in her letter that the MDA is the leading advocate for people living with neuromuscular conditions.

So what about the other disability organisations around New Zealand that do far more than the MDA?

This is proved in the numbers, and the general opinion of the disabled population. The MDA has never been the leading advocate, it is barely even known to some people living with a disability.

Browning doesn’t have the right or the truth on her side to make such false claims about the standing of the MDA in the sector.

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  1. absolutely agree mike, there are a lot of people out there that have never heard of muscular dystrophy, and what are we supposed to say when they ask and what do they do???? have to honestly say , spend money on a big flash building, wasting money on mediation and lawyers fees when ever there is a complaint cause they are incompetent to deal with it themselves, waste money with payouts of ex staff to get rid of them, waste money on paying people to do absolutely nothing…… I tell people now to support CCS they do a hell of a better job than MDA that’s for sure. My question is why do we actually need a CEO? there are at least a couple of good staff there that could do a lot better job than the current CEO who actually care about our members and are not interested in building their little empire.and how do they expect to get funding when they don’t even have a funding co-ordinator applying for funding, because once again the ceo just doesn’t get his act together, he has known about the need for a new funding person for 3 weeks and yet he waits til NOw to advertise????? come on… he needs to stop running to his lawyer every 5 minutes and actually do his job that he is paid very well to do….. Good luck with this Mike and good on you for standing up for the members, Trevor and I are labelled as shit stirrers by national council and the CEO but all we have ever wanted was whats best for the members, we have had concerns for the association for 3 years now but no one wanted to listen to us and now look where they are????


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