Lifestyle Tattoo owners vent on social media

The owners of Lifestyle Tattoo have defended their reputation aggressively following the studio’s closure and subsequent speculation.

(Photo credit: (9MSN via Google Images) 

Since the closure of Lifestyle Tattoo, speculation has been rife on social media about the character of the Campbell’s.

All claims against the Campbell’s have been denied via posts on social media, and the reasons for the sudden departure are highly sensitive, where safety has been a key aspect.

Last evening, Greg Campbell replied to an email requesting comment sent by The Real Michael Pulman and said that the story had only added fuel to the fire.

Campbell labelled the reporting as bulls**t.

Campbell ended the email to The Real Michael Pulman with “slander is now illegal in New Zealand”.

Yesterday, Nikki Campbell posted on Facebook and claimed that property landlord knew of the situation prior to the Campbell’s vacating the premises, and has accused the landlord of slander.

Campbell said that Lifestyle Tattoo had every intention of contacting customers who had paid deposits or needed work rectifying.

Today, Greg Campbell strongly slammed “keyboard warriors” and said that the claims made by the landlord were untrue. Campbell described the comments on Facebook as a “hate bandwagon”, and advised that he would be deleting his account this afternoon.

The issue at hand with the situation at Lifestyle Tattoo is a sensitive one, as per many of the statements the Campbell’s have made in the last couple of days.

Sources haven’t changed their stance on the ‘real’ reasoning behind Lifestyle Tattoo’s closure when The Real Michael Pulman spoke with them earlier today, and one source said that yesterdays outburst on social media wasn’t a surprise.

“I realise there is more to this than just the closing of their business, but there is a reason for everything, and I find it sickening that people who have paid good money will now probably never see that again,” the source said.

Another source denied the allegations of slander, and told The Real Michael Pulman that many of the statuses that the Campbell’s had released were full of lies.

More information to come.

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