PERSONAL: Pulling an all-nighter

It is 6:37am on Sunday morning, and I have been awake and in my wheelchair all night.

It started out as a joke to myself because we had a particular staff member call in sick to work for the overnight shift and I got thinking.

That thought was:

Well I don’t want to work with agency staff so I should just stay up all night.

Agency staff rarely work at our house but for whatever reason they did tonight.

It is no secret, I loathe working with agency, as does everyone I think, so I would be a total liar if I said that the main purpose for my “wake a thon” wasn’t just to avoid working with a complete and total random.

So at about 11pm last night I had made my mind up, I was going to stay awake through the night.

I have never been awake for a solid 24-hours before, but in the not too distant future that record will have been eroded, because I have literally been awake all night.

A part of me loved every minute of it, but another part of me knows that as today goes on, I will probably severely regret pulling this all-nighter.

During my all-nighter I did a bit of writing, watched some TV, checked emails, drank lots of coffee, surfed the internet, wondered what I was going to do with my Sunday, and played some PlayStation.

So as I finish writing this blog at 6:45am, exactly eight minutes after I started, I have achieved one of my weirdest wee challenges thus far.

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