PERSONAL: Public statement to friends and family

Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me.

Obviously the last 24 hours has been difficult, not only for myself, but for the Pulman/Wiseman family who have been so angered by the events that took place on social media yesterday.

Firstly, I would like to thank the countless number of people who have contacted me and the family to offer their support, encouragement, and advice.

I won’t lie, I feel hurt and extremely angry towards my sister, something that is painful enough to experience in itself.

All the advice from friends, family, and even some of my employers has been heart warming, and I will certainly take it all into account as I process the events of yesterday and come to terms with the consequences they will have in my personal life going forward.

I have already had many discussions about my plans going forward from here, and I will need to make what I know are going to be difficult decisions in the coming days, difficult for myself and others.

It is to the point now where the decisions I will make regarding my sister are for myself, others will have their opinions both positive and negative, but I know that with all that has happened, I have to do what is right by me.

Secondly, I would like to extend my apologies to the family for this completely disgraceful turn of events.

Facebook is not the place for such comments that were directed at myself, but reflected utterly poorly on members of the family, and I am sorry that what started out as a private conversation between myself and my sister has ended the way it has.

I feel shame, disappointment, and deep anger about yesterday.

For me, it is relationship ending, something I don’t see myself being able to forgive or get over, and the only way to deal with this is to move on, something I feel has been a long time in coming.

Thanks for the kind messages.

I can only take comfort in the knowledge of the belief that I have worked hard for the wonderful opportunities I have received, and these deeply personal attacks are simply an opinion, but a hurtful intent full of lies that I will never forget.

Mike Pulman

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