Canterbury branch backtracks after MDA meeting

Members of National Council are putting pressure on MDA Canterbury’s chairperson to take back public comments about Chris Higgins.

Canterbury branch committee members are putting pressure on chairperson Paul Arthur to backtrack on comments he made on social media regarding the state of affairs at the MDA.

One of those branch members is believed to be Derek Woodward, also a representative of National Council.

Arthur approached The Real Michael Pulman this week at the request of his committee asking for comments he made on the site to be removed.

Arthur claimed the comments were sent as a private email, but the comment in question is on the site and was approved by WordPress not The Real Michael Pulman.

Arthur accused The Real Michael Pulman of being a cheat and a liar when the comments weren’t removed.

It is possible that Arthur mistook using the comment option on the site as sending an email, something that The Real Michael Pulman acknowledges but doesn’t take responsibility for.

It is believed that the Canterbury branch are putting significant pressure on Arthur to backtrack on his stance regarding the issues, and this is coming in large from the members of the branch who are also on National Council and who back Chris Higgins as CEO of the MDA.

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  1. The only correct piece on your blog is

    I am a committee member.
    your statement that Paul Arthur had made comments about the CO was discussed but as Paul did not attend the meeting as he is on holiday, we decided to hold any further discussion until he could be present.
    No comment was made about him withdrawing his remarks.
    I personally feel he has been a very good chair. And I also feel he is entitled to his opinions but should not make them under his title of the chairperson.


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