Report: MDA ban members from National Office

MDA’s Northern Branch chairperson has been contacted by MDA’s lawyers as the fallout from the events of April continue.

Just a few weeks ago, Trevor Jenkin was accused by National Council chairperson Heather Browning of verbally attacking and intimidating MDA head Chris Higgins following the AGM in April.

Jenkin strongly denied the accusation and made a complaint regarding Browning’s conduct in the matter.

Sources close to The Real Michael Pulman have speculated that Chris Higgins was responsible for the accusation.

The MDA claim that they have six written and signed statements confirming that Jenkin verbally abused Higgins.

The letter from Justin Graham of Chapman Tripp lawyers does not advise whom the signatures came from.

A source has informed The Real Michael Pulman that a handful of the signatures were obtained by members of the MDA’s National Council.

Three members of the association have been banned from entering National Office, one including the Northern Branch chairperson.

According to the letter by lawyers, the MDA have rejected Jenkins complaint about the accusation.

The MDA have acknowledged that Chris Higgins has entered into verbal altercations with Jenkin in the past but have blamed Jenkin’s “antagonising” conduct on all the incidents.

No mention of Chris Higgins’s verbal altercation with female member Joy Jenkin was made in the letter.

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