Report: Chris Higgins running scared

Chris Higgins has chosen to remain silent on the growing speculation surrounding the Muscular Dystrophy of New Zealand as he attends various events held by the Northern branch.

Some questions have been raised about the auditing process of R.S.M Hayes following the AGM.

No official comment has been received surrounding the details of the ‘other’ financial spend which went over $100,000 in 2014.

One source has informed The Real Michael that a member emailed Chris Higgins to make enquiries, and Higgins put the member onto another person, who has not made any contact at all.

On the surface – it looks like Higgins has taken the recent controversy slightly to hand as he has offered his time at various Northern fundraising events as seen on social media.

But sources say that the environment inside national office hasn’t been worse than it is at the present.

Some are speculating that Higgins is running scared from the issue.

Another source has confirmed that upon his return to work at national office, Chris Higgins was encouraged to make contact with The Real Michael Pulman to potentially discuss the issues.

It is understood that Higgins refused to make contact and has remained in silence.

The Real Michael Pulman is keen for a discussion with Higgins, on the basis that all conversations are recorded and available to the membership.

There is a deficit of over $300,000, a verbal attack on a Northern Branch member, an undisclosed sum of over $100,000 unaccounted for in the financial statement, and growing speculation of why Higgins himself didn’t answer member questions at the AGM.

More updates to come soon.

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