Higgins must explain MDA’s massive financial deficit

The silence of Chris Higgins as CEO of the MDA regarding several issues continues to raise suspicion as a big deficit hangs over the association.


The Northern branch social media administrators are under direct instructions from the MDA national office to remove any content written against the association – including content by The Real Michael Pulman. 

This includes comments by the members – despite the fact that they are made in a public forum.

Chris Higgins is yet to publicly comment on his verbal attack of a Northern Branch member, the speculated $60,000 overspend on the ‘Life Without Limits’ conference, or the use of the private member database for electioneering by an MDA employee on the behalf of former Wellington chair Liz Mills.

The MDA posted a parent deficit of over $328,000 in 2014, coming off a surplus of $86,000 the year prior.

In his Chief Executive Report, Higgins wrote that sufficient income to cover expenditure was a difficult challenge in 2014, but this still doesn’t explain the exorbitant deficit.

In the current financial landscape, expenditure needs to be cut not increased.

Higgins says that the MDA will seek to increase revenue through the “Making a Difference” program, something that in itself will see much expenditure with no real guarantee of solid income or further exposure of the MDA as a brand.

The high turnover of staff is a big concern at National Office in particular, something that Higgins refuses to comment on.

In fact, as CEO, Higgins didn’t say a single word during the recent Annual General Meeting and was exempt from reading his report.

Higgins writes much about the plans for the MDA in the next year but makes no mention on how the association will fund such schemes.

The MDA claim to have lobbied 8 issues in government this past year. How many were successful?

How many cough assist machines could a deficit as large as $300,000 buy f0r the members who pay to be a part of the MDA?

When The Real Michael Pulman challenged Higgins on his values towards the MDA membership, Higgins was photographed just over a week later at a fundraising stand in Auckland wearing the yellow MDA T-shirt.

But as yet, The Real Michael Pulman has yet to have any official response from either Higgins or National Office.

The longer Higgins ignores the voices of the members – the more damage he will do to this once great disability association.

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