Heather Browning under pressure in new role

With a $250,000 deficit on the books at the MDA, Heather Browning has an immense task ahead of her in the role of National Council chairperson.

According to many members, the shortage of cough machines isn’t something that National Council have been addressing.

Passing the buck back to the MOH isn’t an option for Browning in her new role.

National Council need to push Chris Higgins to lobby the government and gain a successful outcome.

According to the financial report, the MDA lobbied eight issues in government this past year.

The $250,000 deficit for the latest financial year is also something that the National Council and Browning need to comment on.

Browning also has deal with the lack of confidence that some members have in her and rising questions about the legitimacy of her election after the MDA refused to release voting numbers.

Browning palmed off questions asked my multiple members on Friday nights election, despite her many years experience on National Council, many of which in the role of vice chairperson.

It is up to Browning to show she is at one with the members in her opening stanza as head of National Council.

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