Browning elected as new chair in controversial AGM meeting

Heather Browning has been elected the new chairperson of MDA’s National Council at a talk-provoking AGM in Auckland on Friday night.

In his opening address, former chair of the NC Lindsey McGregor admitted to being “personally nervous” about the potential for members to speak publicly at the AGM but allowed anyone to have their say at the conclusion of the meeting.

CEO Chris Higgins didn’t respond to any of the reports and statements made about him during the election.

Higgins also didn’t read off his Chief Executive Report at the AGM.

New chairperson Heather Browning also wouldn’t be drawn on the speculation.

When asked by members at the AGM to answer several questions raised by The Real Michael Pulman, Browning left the room.

To defend the reports placed on The Real Michael Pulman this week, I made a public statement at the conclusion of the AGM.

The CEO of the organisation Chris Higgins left the room prior to me beginning my speech and didn’t front to any of the questions I posed him in the statement.

My speech was met with positive feedback overall, but I had one or two people pull me aside afterwards and attack my work, including one man who said “you will never be a journalist”.

Tonight’s AGM was a part of Muscular Dystrophy NZ and the Australian Neuromuscular Networks “Life Without Limits” conference being held at the SkyCity Convention Centre.

It remains to be seen if the MDA or Chris Higgins himself will comment on several of the reports about the organisation.

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