MDA Scandal: Lawyers try to remove reports and members comments

As speculation amongst membership grows, lawyers have labelled all reports on the incident and the comments made by members as electioneering and have asked for all commentating on the issue to be halted.

The lawyers behind the MDA have asked that all reports written by The Real Michael Pulman and comments on the facebook page, including those by MDA members, be removed until after Friday’s NC elections in Auckland.

According to sources, the lawyers say that much of the content has been what they term as “electioneering”.

The definition of electioneering is for a person or group of persons to work actively for a candidate in any sort of election.

In the eyes of a growing number of people, it was Liz Mills who was electioneering when she wrote an email to MDA members encouraging them to vote for Heather Browning before degrading the character of other candidates.

What this site has done has picked up on that story and reported the facts to the members – like any other blog or news site would and legally is allowed to.

Heather Browning made no mention of the members in her re-written personal statement, and also didn’t acknowledge the Liz Mills email that supported her campaign.

Browning also didn’t she apologise for any potential impact on Trevor Jenkin’s campaign for the role over the incident – despite the emails degrading Jenkins character.

Sources say that members of MDA’s National Council believe the election has become unfair in light of the news hitting the ears of the membership.

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