MDA Scandal: National office remain silent

As the MDA remain silent on the scandal, the question has to be asked – who takes responsibility for the incident?

Here are the facts as we know them thus far:

  • Liz Mills, former chairperson of MD Wellington, sends email to membership asking them to back Heather Browning in NC elections.
  • Email comes out of Wellington office – sent by office manager who is an employee of the MDA on Mills’s behalf.
  • Email undermines character of Northern chairperson Trevor Jenkin. 
  • Mills reported to have used private member database to have accessed contacts.
  • MDA CEO Chris Higgins refuses to comment on the situation.
  • MDA seek legal advice.
  • MDA remain silent on the issue.

Sources say that the MDA have sought legal advice over the issue.

No official comment has been made by Chris Higgins yet but the silence on the now public issue raises some severe questions of his leadership and that of the vice chairperson at National office as well.

Someone needs to take responsibility for this incident as calls for a public apology to Trevor Jenkin and the entire MDA membership increase.

A petition for the MDA to comment and apologise to Trevor Jenkin is currently in the works.

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