MDA Scandal: Employee denies permission to support candidate

The MDA National Council election scandal continues with new information of further wrongdoing by the organisation.


According to two sources, a MDA member asked the Wellington branch if an email could be sent out in support of Trevor Jenkin as National Council chairperson.

This request was denied by the office manager at MD Wellington.

Yet an email in support of Heather Browning, which in it degrades the character of Trevor Jenkin, was able to be sent out and came out of the same office using official communications used by the association.

Not only did the Wellington branch sent out an email backing support for Heather Browning as National Council chairperson, they didn’t do the same for fellow candidate Trevor Jenkin and didn’t let one of their own members support Jenkin in anyway.

Did the office manager for Wellington need permission from national office to do so?

If this is the case, all signs point to MDA CEO Chris Higgins having the knowledge about the email.

Liz Mills may not be an employee of the MDA, but the office manager who sent the emails on Mills’s behalf certainly was.

The email by Mills asking membership to support the appointment of Heather Browning was sent by the MD Wellington office manager, an employee of the association under the CEO Chris Higgins.

No official announcement from either Chris Higgins or anyone at MD Wellington has been made as yet.

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  1. What Liz did was very wrong, it was not approved and legal advice was sought with regard to her actions. an attempt was made to make it more even for Trevor. Many of the things you point out that the National Council don’t do are the things that should be organised by the branch with National assistance if required. Other branches manage this ok. The wellington branch has been propped up financially by the National Office.
    Many of the things you state as being totally ignored by the MDA are being addressed such as the Cough assist machines.
    Unfortunately National and Locally throughout NZ raising money is becoming much more difficult and il informed blog pages like this are possible going to have a disastrous effect on future income. Who will want to an organisation that is reported on very badly in bloggs such as this.
    You may have been well meaning, I fear your comments will possible be really bad. perhaaps you wish the group to die.

    Derek Woodward


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