Misconduct sparks anger over MDA’s National Council election

An email has sparked controversy in the Muscular Dystrophy Association of New Zealand today surrounding National Council elections.


The controversy comes out of Muscular Dystrophy New Zealand’s Wellington branch.

According to sources, the ex chairperson of the MD Wellington branch has used the member database to send out emails to members in the region in a bid to undermine voting procedures for the upcoming National Council election.

In the emails it is encouraged for members to vote for Heather Browning as the new chairperson of Muscular Dystrophy’s National Council.

The email goes on to undermine the characteristics and values of fellow candidate for chairperson Trevor Jenkin.

It is rumoured that Browning has the full backing of the association, the same association that has questioned Northern branch chairperson Trevor Jenkin many times in the past.

The ex chairperson of MD Wellington is believed to be Liz Mills.

It is understood that Mills accessed the private member database to send the emails – despite the fact that she is an ex employee as stated in the email.

The email came out of the Wellington branch on Wednesday morning.

In the email Mills also states that she has personal concerns over the longevity of the association if Heather Browning wasn’t to be elected.

Chris Higgins, head of the Muscular Dystrophy New Zealand Association declined to comment on the issue this afternoon when The Real Michael Pulman rang the national office for his reactions to the news.

The MDA is also yet to address the issue.

Auckland based Trevor Jenkin said he is furious with the incident.

“I received an email from a Wellington branch member informing me that an email from the ex chairperson Liz Mills had been sent to all members in the region stating that she had every faith in Heather Browning and that she had the backing and support of the Wellington branch.”

More on this as it develops.

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