MDA Scandal: Doing wrong by the people

Gone are the good old days of the Muscular Dystrophy Association. An agenda not best suited for the members has been around for a while now.


Underhanded emails by a former employee has shifted the level of trust in National Council from shaky to surely non-existent.

Liz Mills writes in her email to Wellington members that the focus of the MDA National Council chairperson needs to be on the membership and has been so under the current regime.

This is completely and utterly wrong. National Council is doing nothing to address the issues of members.

What exactly has National Council done for the members recently?

Was the National Council responsible for the recent MDN Family Camp? Has the National Council been responsible for the annual Christmas parties and regional coffee group setups?

Perhaps and even bigger question – has the National Council been responsible for the fieldworker service?

The cough assist machine shortage has been another area where National Council hasn’t done enough to counter under the current leadership.

At the recent AGM last month, National Council nor the MDA had an answer to how they were planning on sourcing and funding the extra machines needed throughout New Zealand.

There isn’t a singe cough assist machine available in the Waikato DHB.

National Council also has nothing to do with power wheelchair football in the Auckland or Canterbury areas.

The sport is growing and is potentially a major benefactor to young people with Muscular Dystrophy in New Zealand.

The biggest injustice about this is the effect it will have on members of this association – if they are told the facts of the matter.

It is understood that the MDA are currently looking into legal advice, but some believe that it is an attempt to try and find a loophole around the wrongdoing.

Former chairperson of MD Wellington Liz Mills today accessed the private member database and sent the emails under the official office address.

Liz Mills isn’t the current chairperson of the Wellington branch, she had no right to access the member database and certainly was wrong in sending emails to the regions membership advising on which way to vote in the upcoming elections for National Council.

No matter how much insight into the association Mills has, her opinion on this matter is that of a member of the public and nothing more.

Mills is not a part of the association anymore, yet she used official communications to spread her personal agenda.

How does Chris Higgins and the MDA skirt around this choice of action by Mills and is it entirely legal?

And what about the funding and donation support that association stands to lose because of such underhanded tactics that the National Council appear to support?

This behavior has the potential to bring the entire association into question. And well it should.

The leadership at MDA NZ and its National Council must be questioned.

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