Netflix and Lightbox only making it harder for Sky TV

Netflix and the popular Lightbox are now both available in New Zealand, and the battle has only gotten harder for pay TV provider Sky Television.


With Netflix recently becoming available in New Zealand and the advent of TV streaming service Lightbox, it is becoming harder and harder for Sky Television to defend the pricing for their once dominant pay-tv packages.

On top of the basic package, Sky’s movie package adds an extra $20 to the monthly fee.

This in itself isn’t that pricey because the Netflix packages start at $10 and go up to $16 for the premium option.

Lightbox offers its service for $13 per month.

With these numbers, what Sky is charging for their six-channel movie package couldn’t exactly be called a rip off.

The problem that Sky face is with the content.

Lightbox offers popular TV shows like Breaking Bad, Dexter, CSI, and many more current and classic series.

Nearly any popular movie or television show can also be found on Netflix and both services offer premium content for a cheaper price that Sky’s variety but flat lineup of movies and programming.

The popular Game of Thrones series airs on Sky’s SoHo channel, but that costs an extra $10 per month for access to that channel.

Another huge issue for all pay-TV providers, and the likes of Netflix and Lightbox for that matter, is the various free/illegal options available on the internet where the same content can be found and downloaded.

The way people are watching content is changing vastly.

Now the idea of streaming content on a pay subscription basis is becoming more accepted, and more the norm.

Sky has answered with a TV and movie-streaming service of their own, called Neon.

It seems to be becoming more and more apparent that Sky Television is losing their once dominant stranglehold on the NZ television viewing market, and increasingly is becoming reliant on some big sports licenses to remain in position at the top.

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