AMC ruins otherwise enjoyable beginning to Wintec year

A frustrating and confusing AMC class was the only complaint to take away from the first quarter of the Wintec year for media students.


The first half of Wintec’s first semester in 2015 was a struggle from the outset.

Classes like Writing for the Media and Media Video/Photography were a fresh new change, but the other two papers really felt like a repeat.

In all honesty I don’t think any of the students were convinced on AMC (Audience Message Context) and the first assignment for that class was the most frustrating work the degree has offered thus far.

The tutors themselves said that the class was a rehashed take on an old module, and at the best of times they looked just as in the dark as us students were.

As students, we want classes that are going to let us practice and do practical work.

While the first assignment of AMC allowed this, the 1000-word genre analysis task seemed like a big repeat and gigantic waste of all our time.

The experimentation phase of the assignment is good for music and graphic students, but for the journalism majors who were presenting various types of news stories for the assignment hand in, it felt a bit too much of repeating things we had already done.

At least in my case it felt like that – I can’t speak for any other student.

It felt like Writing for the Media and Media Video/Photography were the only two classes which actually had us doing practical work, with much practice and heaps of feedback, and weekly sessions where we were engaged and knew what we had to be doing and what we needed to work on.

Media Theory is a class which had much merit and I expect to learn much from Wednesday mornings.

So in conclusion, a frustrating beginning to the second year of our degree but some real key skills have been taught along the way as well.


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