Hansen cannot be swayed by morals and anger on Piutau selection

Charles Piutau leaving New Zealand shores for a lucrative $1million contract with Ulster has, as expected, divided the opinion of many this week.


The NZ Herald has reported that Piutau had already signed a new two-year contract with the NZRU.

But Piutau had asked his management team to hold off sending it back due to another lucrative contract being offered by Irish club Ulster.

By changing his mind and going off shore, Piutau has ended all chances of playing test rugby for the All Blacks post Rugby World Cup.

Has Piutau, an almost certain regular All Black selection in the future, made the right decision by signing with Ulster?

The man has to do what is best for him, but not only that his rugby playing and financial future.

Money should never be the biggest factor in turning away from the All Black jersey, but it is a factor nonetheless.

If Piutau suffers a career-ending injury one year into his tenure with Ulster, he will at least have the finances behind him to secure his family’s future.

This must be taken into account, not only by the media in their pending criticism of Piutau, but also the All Black selectors on the question of if they now decide to take Piutau to the RWC or not.

Steve Hansen has always said he will select the best side regardless of any other factors, be they financial or otherwise, so let’s hope he sticks with that vision and doesn’t cave to moral pressure and not select Charles Piutau in the June internationals.

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