PERSONAL: Health Update

Physically my health is pretty good, but mentally I find myself facing the hardest challenge yet.


Some would call it issues with anxiety, others say it may be depression, but the continual journey of dealing with my over-thinking ways is a challenge that I am enjoying and hating at the same time.

I had a great year in 2014, and heading into this year I find myself with many wonderful and busy opportunities coming at me every week.

Life is good on the main front – but in the background I have been starting to deal with and accept perhaps what is my greatest disability.

That disability would be my mind, my depression, and my anxieties.

Drinking alcohol for no apparent reason other than to do so was way out of character, and despite how innocent and fun those times were, my therapist would probably tell me that I was masking the real issue.

I just found myself not really caring about myself anymore – to hell with it you know.

Then, from the help of others I finally realised that I needed some help to sort myself out.

So I am now on anti-depressants and I am getting, slowly, the help I need through counselling and the likes.

In some ways I feel like I’ve come a long way in the last month or so, but in others I feel like I haven’t done as well as I could have with it all.

But if nothing else – this has been an experience of intense mental hardship.

I am quoted as saying that my mind has always been my biggest disability in an upcoming story in the CCS Outburst Magazine.

Coming out on social media and acknowledging my problems wasn’t for attention or anything like that, it was part of the process and I have always tried to be as open and honest as possible to all my followers.

It has helped.

Life is just so full of opportunity right now and I am certainly taking a lot on.

It is all worth it to get the help that I will continue to seek because I want to be the best me possible.

In terms of the physical side of things and the wheelchair and whatnot, everything is going perfectly at the moment.

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