Lizard Squad ruins gamers Christmas ritual

A group of hackers going by the name of Lizard Squad managed to ruin gaming fun over Christmas after taking down both the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live services for several hours.


The group of hackers who have since stopped cyber attacking Microsoft and Sony.

Much online connectivity remains down at the time of this writing.

Lizard Squad explained that the reason for their hack was not only for a few laughs, but also to show the gaming public how unable both Sony and Microsoft in particular are in their online gaming network service and security.

Lizard Squad claim the hack is to force Sony and Microsoft to improve their security.

Internet billionaire Kim Dotcom offered Lizard Squad free lifetime memberships to controversial Mega Upload as part of negotiations to restore online functionality to gamers, and while Lizard Squad claim to have stopped their attacks, many gamers particularly in European and Oceania regions are still unable to play online at all.

As of 10pm this evening no online functionality for PS4 is active.

For gamers this Christmas, the hack by Lizard Squad is both untimely and irritating. Hot selling games like The Crew are now unplayable until the networks are restored.

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