Sydney hostage crisis: Three confirmed dead during gunfight

A siege that lasted almost 17 hours inside the Lindt Cafe has ended with three confirmed deaths including that of the gunman after police had no choice but to storm the building this morning.

Police Hostage Situation Developing In Sydney

After hearing multiple gunshots, police stormed the Lindt Cafe immediately and fired automatic weapons and threw shock grenades.

Two of the hostages lost their lives during the raid though it remains unclear on if they were killed prior or during the gunfight by the gunman or if they were tragically caught in the crossfire.

Police heard gunshots prior to entering the building so it is possible the gunman killed at least one of the victims which then prompted tactical squads to enter the Lindt Cafe.

It is reported that the two victims were a 34-year old man and a 38-year old woman.

The gunman, known to local police by the name of Man Haron Monis, was shot and killed during the gunfight.

NSW Police have stressed that once the first gunshot was heard from inside the cafe they had no choice but to enter the building, fearing that if they didn’t at that moment then many more lives would have been lost.

Speculation is already rife about the gunman and wether or not he was already known to police.

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