Sydney hostage crisis: Media need to be careful in reporting

As the hostage crisis in Martin Place continues, media must be extremely careful in how they are reporting the crisis.


On Sky News a terrorism expert was hesitant to say how local police in Sydney would proceed in the developing crisis as he believed that TV and radio channels could be being watched and listened to by the gunman inside the cafe and potentially others linked to the attack.

Sydney has gone into lockdown this afternoon with the latest development believed to be the official closure of the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Unconfirmed reports suggest that the gunman has made further threats on radio. It it is believed the gunman could have connections with ISIS.

As this story unfolds, the media need to be extremely careful about how they report this story and they need to realise that real peoples lives are at risk here, and potentially everything that is being said and written about the situation could be being viewed by the gunman himself.

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