Montana Catering disgustingly overcharges sports fans in the Waikato

Montana Catering has long been slammed for its overpriced and often underwhelming food products.


The catering business has a contract with Waikato Stadium, and one of the biggest complaints the Waikato Rugby Union receives each year is about the price and poor quality of the food at the stadium.

A fish n chips box starts at $9 at Waikato Stadium, with a medium sized drink coming in at just under $5.

Back in 2013 the Waikato Times ran a story where a mother had written in to the newspaper stating that Montana Catering had charged her $75 for what she called a “overcooked and unpleasant” family meal.

The problem for sports fans is that Montana Catering have a contract with most sports and entertainment venues in Hamilton, including both Waikato Stadium and Seddon Park, so until Montana Catering lower their already exorbitant prices this problem may long continue.

Patrons attending sports events are going to have to continue with the norm or find other avenues.

Montana Catering would argue that the quality of their food matches the price.

This, in the eyes of many, is extremely wrong.

Back in 2013 purchases weren’t even able to be made via EFTPOS transactions.

Patrons would have to access ATM machines to get cash out and then line up again to be what some people called fleeced by Montana Catering for substandard food.

Now days EFPTOS paying is available, but the prices aren’t looking like dipping anytime soon.

Over in Melbourne at Etihad Stadium a new rule has been put in place that allows patrons to bring in their own commercial food to events.

This can include KFC, McDonalds, Subway, the list goes on and all of which have competitive and at times cheaper prices that Montana Catering offers and in each case for a much better tasting quality of food.

For sports fans in the Waikato, hopefully a similar scheme can be brought in here.

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