LeBron James in hot water over Kate Middleton incident

US basketballer LeBron James is under the microscope after he broke royal conduct by placing his arm around the Duchess of Cambridge yesterday at a NBA game.


As laughable as the news will be to the general audience, apparently the proper protocol when a person meets Kate Middleton or any member of the royal family is to shake hands, and if a person is nervous, a bow is also acceptable.

LeBron James, arguably one of the most talked about sportsman in the world broke royal protocol by a mile.

Apparently Kate Middleton herself was a little uncomfortable with the situation but didn’t ask James to remove his arm from around her.

Both Kate and William both knew what would come of the situation and that James had broken protocol, but at the same time they didn’t appear to be phased much after the incident.

Members of both the American and especially the British media have come down hard on LeBron James, with some commentators saying he should have known better.

Is this story unfair on LeBron James considering he probably takes hundreds of photos with his arms around people?

Maybe so, but rules are rules.

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