PERSONAL: An ever lasting impact on so many people

The phrase “life is too short” will mean different things to different people. But for anyone effected by the fatal house fire in Hamilton this weekend, it will be the truest fact of life that will stick by them forever.


The city of Hamilton has been rocked by this event.

But for the families and friends of these victims, a bomb has exploded in their world and there is now a whole that can never be filled for the rest of their lives.

Memories of what might have been, such young lives still to be lived, such opportunities, and such heartbreak.

And why? For what?

What good god would say that this was how a life should end?

Waking up to the news that three young people had lost their lives was upsetting enough, but when I actually did a bit of reading and talked to a few others about it, the sad reality of the weekends events really hit me hard, prompting me to come on here tonight and write.

No positive cliche can be taken from such tragedy, it should never have happened in the first place.

I myself am 22, and cannot possibly imagine the pure and utter horror that must have endured those victims in the last moments of their lives which were cut all too short on Saturday morning.

Can’t even imagine my life ending at this age, and it is so heartbreaking for these three and their families.

It is the end of the year, a time for parties and a time for rejoice after a hard working time, but for the likes of Jake Hayes and the other two victims, time on this earth taken away in an instant.

Like myself, these three just finished their studies for the year and were probably just celebrating the well earned holiday.

Much will no doubt be written about over the coming days surrounding the events that led to the incident on Saturday morning. For the sake of the victims I hope a clearer picture is painted in the near future, but the cold harsh reality that these young souls are now gone can never be taken away.

No matter how it happened, the end result is about as tragic as you could possibly imagine and it is something that you’d not wish on anyone, young or old.

My thoughts and prayers go out to the families.

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