Scotland awesome as AB de Villiers talks up Blackcaps

Scotland came mighty close to beating that New Zealand XI yesterday.


That is the beauty about sport, even games like that which to many won’t mean a thing.

Firstly Scotland should be mighty proud of their performance against such a stronger lineup, nearly beating a side that featured many of the A plus Blackcaps players who will feature later on at the World Cup.

With that said, Blackcaps followers shouldn’t at all be alarmed.

Scotland were awesome, and it was great to see.

It is only October, and as much as the thought of “shit should we be worried” may have gone through the mind yesterday, this Blackcaps outfit has a lot of cricket ahead and remain a dark horse for the World Cup.

Talk of Jesse Ryder continues to grow, as expected.

Just yesterday it was reported that South African captain AB de Villiers stated that he believed Ryder should be in the squad, and the chances of the Blackcaps to win their first World Cup would be greatly benefited from that.

Food for thought for the coaches?

Who knows, this Blackcaps side is balanced as it is, and if Vettori can fire on his return, having Ryder in the team may not be as crucial as it seems to others looking in from the outside.

The Blackcaps begin their home series against South Africa next week.

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