Wallabies situation a shambles of immaturity and half truths

It is high time that the Wallabies became a team that is talked about for issues that actually happen on the field.

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Head coach Ewen McKenzie may or may not lose his job after this weekend.

But Di Patston, the woman at the centre of this firestorm, has been revealed to be not so clean after histories of past work and previous lawsuits surfaced after Fairfax media’s investigations.

Texts revealed this week show that the issues between Beale and Patston began when the Wallabies playmaker began circulating images of naked overweight women with comments attached directed to Patston.

One comment was “Di who wants a go f**cking this?” sent by Beale in a text message.

During the fallout, much speculation has also surrounded Ewen McKenzie’s personal relationship with Patston, a former ARU staff member. McKenzie missed training when he personally drove Patston to the airport, but strongly refuted speculation that the relationship had any intimate history.

Patston recently quit the ARU sighting stress.

But to be honest, the discussion of an affair between McKenzie and Patston was started by the media, and continued the media. Driving a distressed work partner to the airport isn’t grounds to assume a relationship.

It is time some in the media started writing about the facts, and if no facts or said qoutes point to any possibility of an intimate relationship between two people, don’t then speculate otherwise.

Questions have been raised of Patston’s qualifications for the role with the ARU in the first place, and it was revealed today by the Sydney Morning Herald that Patston had been involved in a spider bite lawsuit years ago, where she tried to sue her employers for hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Can it be said that Patston shouldn’t be blamed for any of this situation involving Beale?

Potentially so. But reports do state that her employment history isn’t exactly glowing either.

Wether McKenzie leaves his role as Wallabies coach is really a pointless discussion at this stage, as is talk about if Kurtley Beale should be exiled from the team or not.

The fact is, this is just another off field incident which has again involved a player with a previous track record of getting into trouble. Who knows why these issues are happening. Beale’s claims in the text messages of being sorry for his actions towards Patston are clearly false, as the two became exchanged in a verbal altercation mid flight weeks after those texts were sent.

Is the team environment toxic?

Again this week, a respected Wallabies rugby personal (in during this controversy) stated that the team environment in the Wallabies was actually better under Robbie Deans than it currently is under Ewen McKenzie.

God only knows that happens next.

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