Personal: Thank you Maggie

So our awesome Maggie is off on her epic adventure very soon.

As a rule, I try to keep topics that are deeply personal and close to the heart away from this particular platform, but tonight I really wanted to write this story.

One of the unspoken rules for support people who work in this industry is that clients are clients, they are not friends, and some boundaries should be there. Support workers are told, trained in some cases, to keep that level of professionalism there, and to keep the friendship aspect and the client aspect far removed from each other.

The same goes for us guys too.

We are never told as much, but it is a general unspoken thing that getting close to your careers is always a little bit of a tender issue. Often as the client, you know very quickly which support workers actually care, and which are the ones who don’t.

The ones that care are the ones who show initiative.

There was always something a little different about Maggie that I knew from the very outset when I first worked with her.

Maggie is one of the best carers I have ever had at showing that initiative from the outset, she is the best carer in this house in my opinion, and the coolest thing about her was that she came here everyday with a smile, regardless of what could have been happening in her own world.

As a client, you notice all that, and you can’t help but connect with it.

One of my first memories of Maggie was her famous sing along to a certain boy band I won’t mention while driving along in the van, and one of my last favorite memories was just yesterday when she accidentally broke our vans wheelchair hoist, leading to us taking a unplanned trip out of Matangi.

I have no shame in saying that I feel very close to Maggie.

Without her, I wouldn’t have had the inspiration to begin connecting with religion and god like I have recently. The god thing remains a working progress, but one of Maggie’s lasting impacts she will leave on me personally is that I should continue to work hard on my faith and over the coming weeks and months I hope to work hard and embrace god on a more serious basis, while keeping it of the “Mike” style.

I hope to fully embrace god, but I also know it has to be at the right time as well.

I also want to keep on this path I am on with the interviewing and the likes, because I know I can do really well in this field of journalism, but I also want to do heaps of things so I can tell Maggie all about that when she gets back.

My main goal is to get full media accreditation with the Chiefs for next season, and the good thing is that I am halfway there already. The media accreditation with Waikato in the ITM Cup is certainly a good start, and hopefully I can do something over the summer with the Knights in the cricket season too. The job being a cricket scorer for Waikato Valley Cricket is certainly a good start for that as well.

There is so much opportunity right now, and I sense that for Maggie too.

I guess I feel a mixture things at the moment really.

I am so excited and happy for her and her exciting new ventures, but I am also going to really miss seeing her face in the mornings and listening to her sing along while helping me do my cares.

So yeah, until the new year.

Thanks so much for being so awesome Maggie and not for one second should you stop doing what you are doing, believing what you believe, and impacting people the way that you do. God says everything happens for a reason, and you are the prime example of that. Your brother Michael I’d imagine would be very, very proud of you. You are one of the most kind hearted girls I have ever met, that is what is good about this world, and I wish there were more people like that.

Good luck in India!

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