Apple Watch may give a new market the boost it needs

While the new Apple Watch will bring some really cool nifty new ways of having information at your wrists, Apple’s new venture in the tech market seems laughingly absurd to many still.


The Apple Watch was the worst kept secret in the technology industry, and during today’s event Apple finally gave the world some information on just what the watch will do exactly. The watch, using either Wi-Fi or usual 3/4/5G speeds will show users their latest messages, Facebook updates, and bring simplified versions of all those apps that users of Apple have come to know and love. 

Being able to check notifications just by looking at your wrist is a pretty cool deal it must be said. 

Apple claim that battery life of the Apple Watch will be enough to last all day, with the expected charging easily able to be done at night. So if you are the type to wear your watch to bed, the Apple Watch may be a slight annoyance. 

No release date was given and expect Apple to heavily promote this new venture over the coming months. 

Let’s be honest, the tech watch market hasn’t exactly taken off yet. If there is any company than can make it a success, it is Apple.

What concerns many is the reliability of the watches “instant anytime anywhere” update claims. The majority of data networks around the world are shaky at best and often connections cannot be made, especially in high populated areas like cities where everybody has a smartphone and is Facebook messaging and Tweeting to their legions of followers while waiting at the sidewalk traffic lights. The world is connected to the internet more now than ever. 

Under more solid Wi-Fi networks, like at home or in the office, the Watch should perform much better. 

At the beginning of this story the word absurd was used. But aren’t all new ideas that have an element of risk to them referred to as absurd? If Apple market this watch well and present a price that is affordable for everybody, this could be the product that finally gives the tech watch market the kick up the backside it needs. 

But make no mistake about it, the Apple Watch is cool, but it will have people laughing at it well after launch as the idea of tech watches slowly becomes a slightly normal and curious option for tech buyers. 

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