50 Shades Of Grey trailer promises Valentines Day kink

It worked for Harry Potter, it worked for Lord Of The Rings, and it worked for so many other popular books, so why not 50 Shades?

50 Shades Of Grey, one of the most popular, most read, and most talked about books of all time, and the movie version is arguably going to be one of the most viewed and talked about movies Hollywood has seen in many a day.


The difference is clearly the content, E L James’s three part erotic tale is raunchy and at times uncomfortable. 50 Shades Of Grey didn’t just change novel writing, in many ways it has changed sex in the modern day. So with this in mind, Universal Studios are releasing a movie which will not only sell well, as sex does, but could also be one of the most critic’d and controversial films in history.

The trailer is exactly what was expected, revealing but not too much.

The weird little moaning sound of Ana’s character when the movie title appears on screen at the end of the trailer was a little disturbing.

But overall, the trailer did what it was meant to do and that was make the viewer want more. The actor who is playing Christian Grey has finally been revealed, and yes, it looks as though the movie is indeed going to be as explicit as we feared it would be.

Valentines Day 2015 is when the 50 Shades Of Grey movie releases.

Expect a whole lot of hype between now and then as Universal Studios and Hollywood prepare what will be one of the most interesting marketing campaigns in the history of modern cinema.



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