Mammy’s Movie has arrived in NZ but reviews are concerning

Mrs Browns Boys D Movie is out in cinemas here in New Zealand, finally.


Mrs Browns Boys has quickly become one of the most popular television comedies since the BBC decided to run with Brendan O Carroll and bring it to primetime television in the UK.

The show immediately became a massive hit, garnering a large worldwide audience and the transition to the big screen was inevitable.

There is just something about it that feels fresh, and it isn’t a comedy which has to feature gross amounts of sex or drugs to get peoples attention. It stands alone and has its own strengths.

Will the movie be just as funny as the sitcom?

Sadly, it is hard to see the movie being more funny than the television show. In fact, I am worried that it will down right suck. I think the confines of a movie on the big screen will limit the in your face and sometimes hilariously edgy comedic aspects that the sitcom do so well.

The BBC television show of Mrs Browns Boys does so well because it is simple but amazing humor, and I am fully expecting the movie to be a watered down, yet still genuinely funny, but just not as good. So far reviews have been mixed.

Looking forward to it none the less.

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