Fairfax Media vs APNZ: Which news company suits me?

Stuff versus The Herald, Fairfax versus Associated Press, and two of New Zealand’s biggest online news sources with almost nothing to separate the two. But which is better for you?

When I first began reading the news online, I was all about Stuff.co.nz. But as time drew on, I have been leaning closer towards the NZ Herald, and in even more recent times it has been the Associated Press’s offering (the NZ Herald) which has been where my attention has gone.

Fairfax-Media-logo_high-res1 9831Logoicon

Fairfax Media, the company which brings newspapers like The Sydney Morning Herald and The Waikato Times, is arguably the bigger brand. It puts out a whole lot of print and online news media everyday, and not just in New Zealand, it has a big marketplace in Australia also. The stuff.co.nz website, although a little more cramped than the Herald’s version, seems to be more pleasing on the eyes with its different colors for each section and the seemingly more eye engaging masthead.

APN (Associated Press NZ) has the strength of having a national daily newspaper, and as successful as papers like the Waikato Times and The Dominion Post are for Fairfax, APN publishes the NZ Herald newspaper on a daily basis.

To me, the Herald is more clean in terms of its design, but I can’t help but notice a few of the bigger stories are shorter and more condensed on Stuff, which suits me more because I don’t like reading these big long news editorials all the time. I just want the main summaries of the story, nothing more. A picture is also nice, something both Fairfax and APN do well.

On a national front, both Fairfax and APN produce a number of community newspapers. There isn’t much difference there.

In an age where apps are being used more, and news isn’t just being consumed on a computer or newspaper, there isn’t any separation on this level either. Both Stuff and The Herald both have apps, and both work well on most mobile devices. Although, the ads on the Stuff app are a little more annoying than the ones on the Herald version.

It’s a really tough decision, but if I got my dream job of writing news stories for either of these companies I would have to go with Fairfax Media.



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