A Bash At Ask.Fm Faceless Shameless Falseness

It is easy for anybody to sit behind a computer and make hurtful comments that are both untrue and hurtful to others. It is harder, though, to take yourself away from the computer, take a good hard look at the mirror, and ask yourself what kind of person you are. If you are the particular unknown person I refer too, I have a serious issue with you.


Nobody is perfect, and we all have our times of being a bit of a prick, I do it all the time, but a friend of mine said it brilliantly when he said to me that “ask.fm is just pricks being pricks”.

My point is, why do people have to be pricks? It is something you will never change obviously, but nor something anybody should accept, or have to put up with. We all have a choice, but I don’t choose to go on social media as a faceless, know-less identity and make jokes or spread rumors that aren’t true, and also upset others who are happy in the process.

I just wanted to say the following.

You have a choice to laugh and joke, make hurtful accusations which are untrue, and by all means make your choice and go ahead, make yourself look like a hurtful selfish person. But how about thinking that there is another choice as well, the choice being to stop and think before you type such untrue things on social media.

Just kill them with kindness babe.



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