In Class Blog: Faith It Till You Make It

So yesterday sucked. I mean it was a bad day, not just because my PlayStation game got delivered to the wrong address either. Nothing majorly bad or annoying happened, it was just stressful you know.

But it got me thinking. He are my thoughts.


As I did today, you tend to just move on from that bad stuff don’t you, life moves so fast and I think the majority of us simply have no choice but to keep pushing on and pushing on. I woke up happy, determined, and comfortable this morning and personally I think it makes those tough days all the more rewarding in the long run.

What? Why are bad days rewarding? Let me explain.

I believe in a lot of things, respect love and faith to name a few. But one of my little pet focuses is HOW you DEAL with the bad shit in life, how you bounce back defines the person that you are. Are you a runner or a fighter? Cliche’s like “tomorrow will be a better day” or “chin up hun you’ll be alright” although helpful and heartfelt, they really get on my nerves! Because when I am grumpy and mad I want to stay grumpy and mad!

I guess as people we sometimes ponder too much on the negative than the positive, and this is especially true when we are blue.

I sort of lost my way there because the most gorgeous girl in our class, and arguably on the planet, is sitting directly in my eye line as I type this blog. She sure is gorgeous. Anyway, moving on. Just saying.

Where was I? Oh yes.

When you are blue, try to think of the positive. You know the saying, every negative has a positive. The people in your life will often be the ones who keep you grounded and going forward. Even on my worst days, I know that Mum is just a phone call away, and every single time without fail all I need to do is ask her about something and I feel better. Sometimes you don’t always need advice, sometimes it is just a good old chat. I am happy though because after yesterday I didn’t have to do either to be feeling better today. Not everything will always be as simple as I’d like, but that’s just life.

If seeing some of my best mates with this disability die before 21 years of age taught me anything, it’s that you are damn lucky to be alive.

I hope today’s blog made sense, I didn’t plan on this I just got writing and decided I would publish. It made sense to me anyway, and sometimes that’s all you need. Take a quote from Harry Potter, Harry asks Dumbledore “is this all in my head?”, to which Dumbledore replies “of course it’s all in your head… but that doesn’t mean it isn’t real”.

DREAM BELIEVE ACHIEVE – You Can Achieve If You Believe.



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