I Miss You Too

Over time you do a lot of thinking, but it is usually only when you get those precious few moments of down time. Having free time seems to vanish the older you get, there is always something to go and do, work to get done, people to go see, and we constantly find ourselves catching up and completing the various things we said we would do yesterday, two weeks before, last month.

So when you do have a little down time, you find yourself talking to people, and then you come across a phone number of an old friend, someone you haven’t seen or talked to in a while.

Naturally, you send a text saying “hey how are you?”, or something to that degree.

Life moves so quickly everyday you know, but we should always try to make time for people we care about. I care about many people and many things, my family for example, or my love of sport and determination to do my best at Wintec. People we care about, interests and hobbies we care about, values we care about, and sometimes even though we don’t like it, memories is also something we care about.

This entire entry tonight has been in code. But the answer is yes, I miss you too, and I still think about you and all the good stuff our friendship has.



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