Hello Again (Blogging During Study Break)

I had a haircut today.

It’s been far too long since I last added an entry to my blog. I really need to add something, but I have a good excuse for my absence, indeed I do.


I have been studying. I am now into my fifth week of study at Wintec, doing my Bachelor of Media Arts Degree majoring in Journalism. I am loving it so far, it keeps me busy and I think that can only be a good thing because I really don’t have any time to sit around and focus on the less important things in life, something I have fallen into the traps of doing on many occasions in the past. I like having something to focus on I guess. I always did before, Youtube kept me so busy, but this is a different kind of busy and the stakes are so high.

Paying $6000 per year for study, there isn’t a chance in bucky hell I am losing my focus now. Sorry but I got to bounce guys, when I find the time I will be writing a full editorial about something interesting. I promise.

I am trying to make a promise to myself to step out a little, out of the comfort zone but only on few occasions. I’ve always been a little set in my ways, but I feel quite proud of those little new things I am trying out, some are good, others are a little meh, but I can just feel my confidence beginning to rise. Responsibility suits me, hopefully I can keep on a roll.



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