Reflections On My First Day At Wintec

Getting out of bed at 6am was a shock to the system, and I mean a big shock, but it really has been a fantastic first day back at Wintec.

My BA of Media Arts has officially begun, today I had Communications class and we talked all about just that, communication, what it means when we communicate with each other and the barriers that can often come with that. About how a journalist communicates, about decoding communication, basically all about when we talk to each other, no matter what medium of communication that is, either in person or through multimedia, things like Facebook or Twitter for example. My tutor, Elna, is pretty switched on and she is so approachable. I have a few weeks until my first assessment is due, that’s the assessment for Communication mind you, but I also have an assessment for Word Image Sound due early March, and I am sure more assessments will coming for the Media Realities and Journalism classes which are coming up later this week.


Basically for class today we did a lot of listening and a bit of group work. I made friends with a few new people.


I even managed to finish tonight’s homework just before in class, we finished an hour early so I decided to stay back and do the homework so I can go home shortly, kick back and relax for the rest of the night. I am currently sitting inside the G HUB writing this blog, mainly as an excuse to try out the computers here, the network is pretty fast but there are people EVERYWHERE, you barely have room to fart in this place and with O WEEK going on outside, it’s a madhouse here all week long.

I am still adjusting to the city lifestyle remember.

Speaking of kicking back and relaxing, I am very close to finishing my first PS4 game. I am certain that I am approaching the final levels of Knack, and for a so called “child’s game”, what an awesome fun experience it has been. Knack is basically Crash Bandicoot but with a robot, pretty much the exact same controls and objectives, but it brings a more fighting style to the game, you go from enemy to enemy, kicking their ass and moving right along to the next one. It is boringly simple and repetitive, but it just has an addicting quality about it and the real reason why I am banging through trying to finish it, is mainly because I want to see how the story turns out.

Lets not forget the mind behind Knack is non other than Mark Cerny. If you are unaware, he was the lead architect of PS4 and also the mastermind behind the Crash Bandicoot franchise.

Getting up at 6am is a challenge, much like getting to bed early at 9pm, but it is just awesome to be back at Wintec studying again and I really hope I can do well.




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